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Wild Unity is a 501(c)3

Wild Unity, Inc., is registered with the IRS as a charitable organization organized under 501(c)(3) status. For the IRS to recognize this status, the organization must fulfill certain requirements such as lessening burdens on people and the government, and the organization must remain true to its founding purpose


What this means is that our net earnings, including donations, can not be used to benefit any private individual.  All earnings must be used solely for advancement of the charitable cause. This also means that those that contribute funds for this cause can report their donation as a tax deduction. 


The charitable cause that is officially registered with the IRS is "To ease distress through culturally diverse and layered approaches which honor ancient lineages of yoga to foster internal unity and connection to others.  We are a wide-reaching platform for classes, quarterly publications, retreats, training and education; uplifting events; and, art and nature-based community projects."


Wild Unity is operated by an all volunteer board who have business savvy and expertise, as well as personal experience of the benefits of yoga themselves and now have the desire and willingness to create a resource for good for all that extends far beyond one thing, one person and one perspective. "Be so full of love there isn't room for anything else."

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