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Giving is Living

Ignite a powerful change in all of humanity

We are all connected.

Your support of others through Wild Unity connects, expands and uplifts everyone involved.

Read about our 501(c)(3).

Ways to Give

  • Donate $25 One Time

    Donate towards Yoga Classes for Others
    • Tax deductible one time donation
  • Donate $100 One Time

    Uplift someone else for classes, training or programs
    • One time tax deductable donation
    • Gift one person karma registration for Wild Unity offerings
  • Donate $400 One Time

    Uplift others for yoga classes, programs or training
    • One time tax deductible donation
  • Group Class 4 pack

    1 person, 4 individual passes
    Valid for 3 months
    • Group Yoga Classes
  • Group Class - 1 Pass

    Valid for 3 months
    • Service Name
    • Group Yoga Classes
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