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Teaching for Wild Unity Inc

Take your education, passion, love, light and wisdom

to new levels with us as we grow together!

Choose the answer that applies to you to get started.

I currently have all these things and would like to teach here.

  1. Completed a 200 or 300 hour  training recognized by Yoga Alliance OR other program that offers similar depth and expanse of material and practice.

  2. Experience teaching multiple limbs of yoga in the same setting.

  3. Passion for diversity and equity.

  4. Can teach "off the mat" (lead without demonstrating), so that I can give full attention to students.

  5. Know how to modify all poses I offer for accessibility.

  6. Relevant liability insurance.

  7. Registered with the state of Kansas to offer my services.

I current do not have those things, but would like to teach here.

You want to uplift others.

We want to help make that happen.

If you have the certificate and passion, but not the experience, insurance and/or tax licensing, you can take part in our mentor program (depth and breadth is based upon your needs).

If you don't have the certification, you can take part in a Yoga Alliance registered 200 or 300 hour training program that provides you with the training and experience needed to teach for Wild Unity.  We also offer accessibility to teacher training through our partners. 

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