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Image by Daiga Ellaby

How Wild Unity Inc Works

We are committed to uplifting collectively. 


Those who donate receive uplifting blogs or publications that show your giving in action, providing a boost of love straight to the heart.

Heart hands as a group of diverse people hands connected together shaped as a love symbol

Show Up - Regular Pricing

Attend classes or other offerings at regular pricing and connect in an uplifting way for your self, your relationships and your community. Any dollars left over from your payment go straight to program offerings for others.

Young sporty woman practicing yoga, doing Seated forward bend, head to knee exercise, pasc

Show Up - Reach Pricing

Those who receive discount or free participation in offerings are uplifted by care  from others, but most importantly through their own enrichment & self-discovery. 

Silhouette  team responsible helped buil


Teachers who lead classes or other offerings through Wild Unity uplift others, as well as deepening their own comprehensive yogic wisdom in action.

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